La Lune et La Ciel

Monday 31 March 2014 at 9:35 pm

The moon once said to the dark night sky,

“What is it that you do?”


“I'm watching two lovers dance in your light.

See how they move?

He twists her and turns her and spins her about,

and she smiles deep inside her heart.”


“This I can see,” the moon did reply.

“But why these two and no one else?”


“Though there are many, none can compare.

None have the love which these two share.

If you look closely, you can see in his eyes

that woman before him is his life's only prize.”


“What a marvelous thing,” said the moon from on high.

“How did they come to meet?”


“By chance they did meet, or perhaps it was fate.

Predetermined they were to fall in love in this way.

It's such a beautiful thing when two souls combine;

like a shimmering light which shines throughout time.”


“I am moved by your words,” the moon said to the sky.

“We shall look over them together as time passes by.”


Far down below, the two loved and were loved;

never to know of the conversation above.

They lived out their lives under the watchful eyes

of the wizened old moon, and the dark night sky.

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