[untitled] updated 2/8

Tuesday 05 February 2013 at 2:36 pm

Something new I'm working on. Very much a work in progress.

The river runs, and the wheel turns.
Time keeps moving forward.
A cabin by the wheel with chimes that sing
as a light breeze blows in shoreward.

Pollen and dust too small to see
go dancing and twirling through all the trees.
The scents of flowers and freshest pine
go whirling about not far behind.

In a nearby meadow, a child lies
and uses the clouds to form shapes in the sky.
There's a ship, and a turtle, and oh so much more,
but they all melt away as the child snores.

A bird glides overhead; riding the wind,
and wonders what it's like living only on land.
A hard life it would be for one so small.
You cant run or climb with wings as hands.

At the edge of the meadow, a rabbit sits
and watches the bird as it zooms and it zips.
It lowers its view back toward the ground;
content with its life and all that's around.

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