Sevena's Dream

Thursday 08 November 2012 at 2:38 pm

Not sure where this came from, but it's a short story about a woman remembering a dream. It's not done yet as it feels a bit rushed, but this is the general idea of what it will be.

Orange blossoms. Orange blossoms and candy canes.


Sevena rolls onto to her back and stretches out under her covers. Slowly, she cracks one eye open. Light floods into it, and she quickly closes it again.


“Ugh, too bright. What time is it?”


Rolling onto her right side, she cautiously opens her eyes and glances at her alarm clock. 9:27am.


“Great. It looks like I'll be late again,” Sevena groans as she kicks her covers off. “And I still need to shower.”


Sitting up in bed, she stretches her arms out as far to the sides as they can go. Then she stretches them high above her head. Then back out to the sides. Then she yawns as she rubs the sleep from her eyes.


Stumbling to her feet, Sevena staggers toward her dresser. She opens each drawer sequentially from the top to the bottom and selects her clothes for the day. Stockings from the first drawer, panties and a bra from the second, a blouse from the third, and a skirt from the fourth.


She walks out of her room and takes a few steps down the hall to her bathroom. After laying her clothes down on the sink, Sevena reaches out a hand and turns on the shower. Warm water cascades over her as she steps inside.


“I need a new alarm clock,” she admits to herself. “I can't afford to be late for these meetings. At least I only have one house to show today. It's too bad I didn't get a chance to see it beforehand.”


Closing her eyes, she leans her head against the wall under the running water. A sliver of a dream runs through her mind, and then another.


Orange blossoms. Warm rain drops landing on my face as I stare up at the sky. A voice. A man's voice. He's talking to me.




“Sevena, are you listening to me?”


“Hmm?” she responds as she turns to look at him. He's sitting under a nearby tree.


“Is that a no?”


“Yeah, sorry. My mind was somewhere else for a moment. What were you saying, Daniel?”


“Well, I was attempting to ask you to move in with me. What do you think?”


“Move in here?”


“Of course here!” he says, smiling. “Where else?”


“I'll have to think about it.”


“You do like it here, right?”


“I like everything about this place. The grove is beautiful, and the smell right now with this Spring rain is heavenly. The house too, of course. I love the house.”


“Then what's there to think about? Could it be me?” he says wryly. “You do love me, don't you?”


Sevena raises her eyebrow as she walks over and sits down in front of him. She leans forward and kisses his lips. “You know I do.”


“Then it's settled!”


“Oh, is it?” she asks. A smile spreading across her face.


“I certainly hope so. Anyway, you're soaking wet! We should head back.”


“No, not yet. I love this weather, and I don't mind being a little wet. But, Daniel, I do still have to think about this. It's a big step.”


“What is? Going back inside? Or moving in?”


Sevena slaps his arm playfully. “Moving in, of course!”


“Okay, Okay. You can take all the time you need,” he laughed. “Now come here!”


Daniel grabs her shoulders and pulls her down to the ground on top of him. They stare into each others eyes as the rain continues to fall. They kiss.


“I love you, Daniel,” Sevena whispers in his ear.


“I love you, too,” he replies, staring up at her.


After a few minutes, they both get to their feet and begin to casually stroll back to the house. Daniel reaches into his pocket and pulls out a half-eaten candy cane. He unwraps it, breaks off a piece, and places it in his mouth.


“You know,” Sevena remarks, “you're the only person I know who eats those all year long.”




Sevena opens her eyes and stands up straight.


“Such an odd dream. It felt so real, and yet, I can't remember his face.”


She concludes her shower, towels off, and gets dressed. Exiting her bathroom, Sevena walks a few steps farther down the hall and enters her living room. Before heading out, she collects her paperwork. As she's slipping it into her bag, she notices that her company didn't include the man's first name.


“Oh well, at least I have his last. A Mr. Cardean.”


She steps into her shoes by the front door and grabs her keys which are hanging on a hook nearby.


In her car, Sevena turns on her GPS and rifles through her papers in search of the house's address. With it in hand, she taps it into the GPS, turns on the radio, and begins the thirty-five minute drive south.


“I can't seem to get the dream out of my head,” she says as the music from the radio fills the background.


When she pulls into the house's driveway over half-an-hour later, she realizes she doesn't remember hearing a single song. She parks her car behind a silver SUV and gets out to greet her client.


As she walks toward his car, she glances at the house on her right. “What a beautiful house.”


The driver-side door opens on the SUV and a man climbs out. As Sevena reaches him, they shake hands and greet each other.


“You must be Sevena,” he says as he reaches into one of his pockets.


“Yes, that's right, Mr....” Sevena stops speaking as she notices what he's retrieved from his pocket.


“Please, just call me Daniel.”

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